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Welcome to PlanaPup, your destination for India's premier Dog Daycare Center. We seamlessly connect you with top-tier, pet-friendly dog hostels and insured pet sitters across the nation, allowing you to book exceptional pet care services with ease. Our extensive network ensures the utmost safety, hygiene, and affectionate care for your cherished pets. At PlanaPup's Pet Boarding Facility, your pup enjoys a home-like environment where they are treated like family, with personalized care tailored to their unique needs.

Pet Hostel is a place where your dog can go about its daily routine without worrying about being left alone.

Dog hostels in Jaipur, India offer fresh cooked food for dogs. Some hostels include three meals a day in their packages.

Dog Hostels offer services like bathing, nail trimming, and coat brushing, as well as training services, which may encompass obedience training and behavior modification.
100% Safe
Your Pet
  • Proper Hygiene

    We maintain hygienic living spaces with proper waste disposal practices, and your dog's comfort and well-being are ensured with clean and fresh bedding and play areas.

  • Safety Assurance

    We provide secure fencing to prevent escapes and ensure your pet's safety, with vigilant staff members monitoring dogs to prevent conflicts and injuries.

  • Responsible Staff

    Knowledgeable and caring staff who are experienced in handling dogs of all breeds and temperaments.

We have been offering the best Pet Hostel services for years

For an extensive period, we have consistently provided the finest Pet Hostel services. Our dedication to excellence in pet care has stood the test of time, ensuring that pet owners have entrusted us with their beloved companions year after year.

  • Book a Professional dog Stylist Who Comes to You

    No matter where you reside in Jaipur, we'll bring the dog salon experience to your doorstep. Our experts are spread out throughout your city to bring a fast hassle-free experience to you.

  • Stress-Free Convenience

    Our dog groomers provide one-on-one attention to your dog in the comfort of your home, making it a stress-free experience for them.

  • Simple Online Booking

    Get instant and expert support on call, to help you pick the right option for your dog.

Customers Think About planAPup

Adopted a puppy and couldn't be happier! Healthy and playful bundle of joy. Thanks for the seamless process.

Aniket Vyas


Grooming was fantastic! My dog looks amazing and happy. They truly care about pets' well-being.

Nishi Sharma


Excellent vet care! The team ensured my pet's health. Friendly and knowledgeable staff made us feel at ease.

Gaurav Sharma


Pet walking is a game-changer! Our dog loves the walks. Trustworthy service, always on time.

Sushil Badetia


Adopted my loyal friend from here. Great adoption process, ensuring our compatibility. Grateful for a new family member!

Supriya Medhwal


Dog Hostel & Pet Boarding in India

Reserve a spot for your furry friend at a dog hostel or dog boarding facility in India, offered at the best prices on PlanAPup. Whether you reside in Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, or Telangana, you can easily book a dog boarding service near your location.

When you need to be away for an extended period or have long working hours, there's no need to worry about leaving your pet alone at home. We offer a range of dog hostel packages that are tailored to suit your pet's needs because your beloved furry companion deserves nothing but the best. You can book your dog hostel online today and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we provide a home-based dog hostel service in India.

PlanAPup is proud to offer the finest dog daycare centers in India. We connect you with the most pet-friendly dog hostels and pet sitters across India, all of whom provide insured and secure pet care services. Booking the best pet sitters and dog boarding services near you is now a breeze.

Our extensive network includes pet sitters and dog daycare centers that prioritize safety, and hygiene, and are staffed by caring and well-trained professionals who share a deep love for pets.

At our pet boarding facility, your pup will be treated like family, feeling right at home and surrounded by love. PlanAPup takes your dog's individual needs seriously, ensuring that we provide personalized care based on your pet’s requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to inform the pet hostel staff about any special dietary or medical requirements your pet has. Reputable hostels have trained personnel who can administer medications and cater to specific needs.

Trusted pet hostels have access to local veterinarians and will seek medical attention if needed. They will also notify you and keep you updated on your pet's condition.

Ensure your pet's vaccinations are up-to-date, provide their medical history, and pack their essentials, including food, medications, and comfort items. Familiarize your pet with the facility before leaving them there.

Most pet hostels allow you to bring your pet's food, toys, and bedding to ensure their comfort. It's a good idea to discuss this with the hostel in advance.